A penny saved is a penny earned. watch TAX saved via the right method, following the rules and regulations, is more than just a penny earned. It could very well be a small fortune!  can you buy proscar online KNOWLEDGE OF TAXATION is important to both: an existing investor as well as a future investment enthusiast. In the  a doctor's order is .125g of ampicillin TAXATION STRATEGIES section you will find all the necessary services needed for an NRI to optimize tax benefits from investments in India. Our  NRI TAX PLANNING service will guide you to avoid Double taxations and on all the topics for successful tax planning in INDIA. You can call us for your TAX ON PROPERTY if you are intending to buy or sell real estate in India.  NRI RETURN FILING is to assist you from your tax return preparation to actual tax filing. Our BLOGS will enlighten you about the taxation issues which will help you to decide your taxation strategies.
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Taxation Strategies

NRI Tax Planning

How does the income earned from investments in India affect your taxes in India and your current Country of Residence? Which Income is includible in your Income in India and which is also taxed in your Country of Residence? What about Double Taxation and relief on the same? Ask us.


Planning to sell your property in India? What are the points to be taken care of? What are the TDS provisions for seller and buyer? Remitting the sale proceeds back to your Country of Residence. Get your queries answered by us.


Do you need to file an Income Tax Return in India as an NRI? Do you also need tax return filing assistance in your Country of Residence? We get your tax return filed for you in India. We also get your tax return for your Country of Residence prepared.

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Can I Invest in Indian Mutual Funds?

19 Apr, 2018, 07:18AM UTC

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Being an NRI does not bar you from investing in Indian Mutual Funds. However, mutual fund houses in India are not p...

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The NRI PPF Account can Now be Continued

3 Apr, 2018, 11:28AM UTC

by Jaydip Mehta

On 23 February 2018, the DEA released an official memorandum dismissing the earlier notification regarding NRI Publ...

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