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NRI investment in India
13 Jun, 2017, 08:32AM UTC by Jaydip Mehta

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. It’s a saying for people detached from their loved ones. Well it also applies to all those citizens who have settled in some part of the world. They may have obtained the citizenship of that country or they are away from their country for a short span of time or more or even if they are born in some other country; but still their love for their soil cannot be erased.

In my experience from years of travelling, where ever I go, I see Indians and we connect instantly irrespective from which part of India they belong to. My experience has been that!! No matter how long they are away from India.  Even some of them have never come to India since they were born and brought up in the country they are living. They still have a lot of their culture, morals, values, habits and lifestyle that talks so much of their roots.

I remember going to London a few years back and I meet so many Indians in South hall and Wembley, where it’s like Mini India (though later on I learned that they are actually called ‘Little India’!!). Even in India an unhesitating and fast transformation is taking its place in lifestyle, houses and thought process. But I was so surprised by the people living that far are still maintaining their age old traditions and lifestyle. Their dressing, food habits, home interiors, following tradition, festival celebrations and thought process etc. took me by surprise.

Nri supporting crtcket

Mr Patel had to say this “We celebrate all the festivals – I have personally been a part of teams that have organized Holi and Dandiya at Stanford, and Diwali in office. We wear traditional clothes to work during these times and happily tell people the significance of all the festivals. We also organize fashion shows where people flaunt dresses of different Indian states and events with Bollywood party theme.”

Mr Saturaman got emotional saying “We cheer for India in Cricket, get emotional on listening Lata Mangeshkar’s Ae Mere Watan ke Logon and become angry on hearing multi-million dollars scams. Although living in a country that boasts of NASA, we feel proud with India’s Mangalyaan. We feel sad when India performs poorly in Olympics and happy when it shines. We loved AR Rahman getting the Oscars, but really hated the BBC documentary on India that was full of Slums and Naga sadhus and dirty Ganges!!”


I was stunned that even Indians living in India are moving towards ‘Western Materialistic philosophies’ aka modernization, but these NRIs are still holding to their roots so beautifully. Talking to them I came to know about so many religious rituals that I have never heard of before. It was like time had stood for them. It was then that I realised that patriotism is not only in Indians living in India, but also among all the NRIs all across the globe feel for their country.

It was this understanding which made me realise that more and more NRIs like to invest in India in some form not only from business point of view, but to STAY CONNECTED. I did a small homework of my own and realised that around 19% of the total properties sold in India are bought by NRIs!!

NRI celebrating holi


12 annas was born as an initiative only to bring all those NRI’S connect to their mother nation INDIA. It’s our tribute to our Nation and her citizens who are away from home!! This is one website that will guide you to different forms of investments in India and also enlighten you about the laws and taxation connected to it. We would help you in the financial markets like Equity markets, Mutual fund investment, banking accounts, as well as the property investments in the different parts of the country. We shall help you choose your right kind of investments, keeping the current state of affairs and also, what would yield you BEST RETURNS, 10 years from now.

A RAY OF HOPE has risen in every Indians heart ever since the Modi government has come to power. Respected Prime minister Mr Narendra Modi who also called ‘NAMO’, in his tenure of last few years came up with policies that have created a massive interest in people world over. All eyes are now on this son of the soil who is so courageous that most Indians believe in him as A ONE MAN ARMY. Namo’s assurance in every speech he has given, of a positive India and a commitment of a 360 degree change around in every field. His words accompanied with herculean hard works brought a lot of confidence in Indians staying in India and also, across the globe.

Looking at these following initiatives taken over last few years will clear the cloud in your mind and help you to understand the reasons:

(1)    Clean India

(2)    Make in India

(3)    Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

(4)    Creation of NITI Aayog to eliminate planning commission

(5)    Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)

(6)    Economic reforms and policy implementation

(7)    Policy put on fast track mode

(8)   Tourism gets a lift

(9)    Implementation of Neighbourhood First Policy

(10) Providing basic amenities to the rural India like toilets and electricity

(11)  Creating confidence in Kashmir

(12)  Strengthening relations with all countries of the world and inviting them to lay down base  in India

(13)  Demonetization to totally control black money and terrorism

(14)  Education for every child

(15)  Policies & schemes especially for the poor farmers

(16)  Routing the funds to the needy by making a Zero balance bank account mandate for every Indian.


The list is too long but yet it seems not even a tip of an iceberg.

With all these reforms in place and a shipload more to come, foreign investors have already started coming to India, including the NRIs, who are coming forward to invest in India not just only for financial gains but principally because of their patriotism.

This will not only help to give you positive returns to your investments but, who knows may create a possibility to lure you to visit Your Soil, India!!





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