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We are professional consultants helping NON RESIDENT INDIANS (NRI) across the globe to invest in our home country, INDIA. We help you through the entire process for investing in the asset class of your choice. We offer you all investment plans available for NRIs in a single bucket, so you can choose best investment options available for NRIs and enjoy maximum benefit and satisfaction of investing in India. We believe to build a relation with you not only as a customer or client, but also as a friend and a trusted helping hand, so you can relish a hassle free investment experience. We provide you a constant support from our team of professional wealth managers whose constant endeavour is to give you tailor made solutions for reap the benefits of best investment options in India.

Let us have a quick look into the main investment options in India for NRIs:

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follow url   REAL ESTATE



Investments in these products are looked after by professionals with years of expertise in respective verticals. All investments are done in your name in a transparent manner with all the required documents with CLASS “A” Companies, Developers or Banks as the case may be.

STOCK MARKET  : We process your entire trading through “Sunidhi Securities” a national level stock broker and a member of all four major stock exchanges – NSE/BSE/NCDEX/MCX. You can trade in equity, future & options, commodities or currencies across all the exchanges. We have our own depositary service for holding the client’s shares. We have online trading facilities and you can view all the details related to your account live and online. We are a 50 years old firm and also provide services like institutional broking and debt market broking for corporate. We believe that our knowledge combined with our investor’s trust and involvement will lead to the growth of wealth and make it an exciting experience.

Our Motto : “In your prosperity, lies our success.”

REAL ESTATE  : We have tie up with national level class A developers like GODREJ PROPERTIES & TATA HOUSING who have projects in all the major cities in India. They are the brand name counted as a synonym of ‘TRUST’, because of their ability to deliver quality properties with best of facilities at affordable price. Investing in those properties means ensured good returns and capital protection for your investment. We are also part of RE/MAX network, the No.1 real estate company in the world present in 100 countries and 40 years in business. Which gives us the opportunity to fulfill business and investment needs of both Corporate and Individual Customers. Also, we can offer them the right advice supported by value derived from rich local knowledge and professional expertise learned from best trade practices being followed across the world. Not only getting you your dream property, we also help our NRI clients to sell their properties in INDIA.

Our Motto : “ Let every NRI own a property, in their homeland”

MUTUAL FUNDS : Investing in mutual funds over a period of 10 to 20 years could give you  astonishing returns. You would be surprised to know that a nominal amount like US $150 per month invested in mutual fund market for 10 years can return you a fortune!!!!!!! Mutual funds are the way to invest systematically small amounts (called SIP which means systematic investment plan) over a period of time. We guide you in allocating funds across the top mutual funds performing in India. Objective and trusted advice is what you can expect from us. Our team of trusted mutual fund advisors, with their significant experience and proven methodology are sure to optimize the growth of your wealth through the ups and downs of market cycles. We offer a research based services for mutual funds with recommendations across different sectors and industries, customized to your unique investment objectives. Further, our experienced mutual fund research team keeps a constant eye on the performance of existing funds and new fund launches to help you seize the best opportunities.

Our Motto : “Make your money, earn more money”

TAXATION : For your investments in INDIA you will need the services of a chartered accountant to help you with your tax obligations . We have in our panel of Experts, Mr. Vivek Jaiswal, a practicing chartered accountant with more than 20 Years of experience. All the NRIs to whom we have extended our services so far; needed a professional who could handle the legalities of taxation, fulfilling the formalities of paper work for the Reserve Bank Of India, processing the purchase and selling of properties in India and repatriating the money to the country where they are currently living. From helping in getting a pan card to filing your income tax returns in India, we help you do it all.

Our Motto “No investments in India should stop, due to lack of knowledge on taxation”

Story about 12annas.com

Let us share our journey behind 12annas.com. How it has been started. Why 12annas.com?

12annas in Hindi is “Barah anna” or “75 paisa”. We want you to connect with your roots in India and what is a better way than to talk in the terminology of the currency being used in our home country, India.

India growth story is on a fast one way track. Under the brilliant leadership of Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi we are experiencing a no. of reforms in India .This is why we have found that, it is the best time to invest in INDIA.

Though our journey started a few years back, while thinking on the lines to help our fellow Indians living abroad to invest in India we first thought of interacting with them in their current home countries. So, we started by first doing road shows in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. We felt so much at home interacting with Indians who were staying there for last few generations. Even though some of them had not visited India ever, then also they celebrated the Indian festivals in the traditional ways. In fact, some of them were more traditional in following their respective Indian religion than their counterparts in India. They were TRUE Indians at heart!! We also got in touch with some Indians living in New Jersey, USA. There also it was evident how much they missed India, when we heard them singing popular Hindi songs at parties and making merry. As the investment consultant for NRIs, we helped some of them to open their stock trading account in Sunidhi and for others we helped to buy properties with Godrej in Ahemdabad and Pune. We have also helped a few NRIs to sell their flats in Kolkata, INDIA and repatriate their funds to their current home country.

After receiving all those fantastic and wholehearted responses, we felt that we should connect with all the Indians across the world. And we came up with the idea of using the digital platform to reach out faster to all the hearty Indians. We did some serious thinking and came up with the idea of 12annas.com, where we would educate Non Resident Indians (NRI) on all the financial matters necessary for them, to participate in the Great India Story. In this site you will find:

  Indian financial news

  Write-ups explaining the various topics on investments

  Some good financial products and asset class which can be invested in by an NRI

  Current stock prices

  Financial calculators

  Links to various websites and articles sharing information which could be helpful to you

Basically whatever an NRI can think to relate to our beloved country INDIA in financial matters is in this site, and if it is not there, let us know and we will solve your queries personally.

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